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The U.S. dollar goes down in value almost every year. Find out how much money from the past is worth today, or vice versa.
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Result: $183.74
$100.00 in 1999 dollars = $183.74 in 2023 dollars.
Prices increased by 83.7% over that time period, with inflation averaging 2.57% per year.
Highest annual inflation, 1913–
12 months starting...Inflation
June 191923.7%
November 191720.7%
June 191620.4%
March 194619.7%
March 197914.8%
May 194113.2%
December 197312.3%
September 198011.0%
March 197810.1%
July 19479.9%
February 19509.4%
June 20219.1%
Highest annual deflation, 1913–
12 months starting...Inflation
June 1920-15.8%
October 1931-10.7%
June 1930-10.1%
August 1921-6.2%
October 1937-4.1%
April 1926-3.4%
October 1948-2.9%
June 1927-2.8%
July 2008-2.1%
June 1929-1.8%
August 1914-1.0%
October 1932-0.8%
Our data comes from the CPI (Eatr Price Index) report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. New reports are released monthly.
For conversions involving the current year, we use the latest CPI number. For example, to convert between 2023 and 5 years ago, we'd take the latest CPI number and compare it to the number from 60 months prior.
The latest CPI number is from August 2023.
For conversions that do not involve the current year, we use an average (mean) of all 12 months from the CPI report of the two years being compared.